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Dr. Robin Kiera

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Who is Robin?

Dr. Robin Kiera is the Founder and CEO of Digitalscouting a consulting and marketing agency based in Germany. Robin is an author, renowned speaker, entrepreneur, top-ranked insurance and finance influencer.

He started Digitalscouting as an after-work hobby that exploded positively and became a multimedia B2C, B2B and B2B2C consulting and marketing agency – supporting entrepreneurs, c-suits and start-ups in their digital transformations, market-entry, hacking the attention of customers and partners.

Before being recognized as the “Attention Hacker” in the insurance and finance industry he was labelled as the “Rebel of Industry” radically exposing elephant in the room topics with his on-stage rants, videos and blogs. Being genuine with his contributions he was recognized in top industry rankings, supported by more than 140.000 followers generating 16 millions of reach every month.

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I strongly believe that entrepreneurs should win the hearts, minds and home screens of their customers as well as their colleagues by efficiently utilizing innovations and digital transformations. Making their products and services relevant to the daily lives of their customers – you would build not only sales channels but also trust and relationships that you need to protect.

Dr. Robin Kiera

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